Dental implants

Dental implants

Patients experiencing dental implant treatment at The Clinic receive their care in a safe, sterile, and infection-free environment. we follow the highest levels of dentistry standards and invest in quality equipment and materials for treatments.

We invest in the best dental implants from recognized and certified manufacturers, our patients trust us knowing that only quality materials and implants will be used for their treatment.


Dental Implant protocol

Preparation for the implant

To help get the best outcome from a dental implant, the jawbone and gums need to be prepared, sometimes we may require a bone grafting or gum disease treatment before we are able to perform the dental implant.


Placing Your Implant

Once we finish the preparation, we cool the implant site through the use of bone cooling instruments and saline. Bone cells are kept moist and rejuvenated using these cooling procedures, able to reduce the risk of overheating and bone cell loss, then we place your dental implant, you will have a temporary crown attached to your implant before, your doctor will decide how long you need to wait until you can put your permanent crown.


Healing Process

After your dental implant, you are asked to rest frequently, to eat healthy and balanced food, and care about your oral hygiene, during the healing process the implant and the surrounding bone will fuse together, this process is called osseointegration.


Placing your permanent crown

Starting from 4 months after the operation, we can place the permanent crown and you will have a fully restored smile.

The duration of the osseointegration process varies from one patient to another.


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