Otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery is an aesthetic procedure that alters the size, position, or proportion of the ears. The outcome of ear reshaping surgery varies greatly depending on the changes that are desired, but these procedures generally improve self-confidence, especially in children and teenagers. If the ears stick out, ear pinning surgery can be performed to flatten the ears against the head. If one ear is positioned higher than the other, ear repositioning can create symmetry. Large, oversized ears can be addressed alone or in conjunction with other ear issues.


Am I a good candidate for Ear Surgery?

if you are born with large or disproportionate ears, if they stick out too much, if you are in good general health, if your self-esteem would improve from such a surgery then you are the perfect candidate for this aesthetic procedure.

Since children are common patients for this procedure, you need to wait until the ears reach their full size which usually happens around the age of 6.


How Otoplasty is performed?

After making a small incision in the ear, your surgeon will remove or reposition your cartilage, the operation is carried under general anesthesia, If normal folds are missing from the ear, they can be re-created by shaping the cartilage with permanent sutures or scraping the cartilage to contour it. Sometimes a combination of techniques is needed to get the desired result.



What will my ear surgery incisions and scars be like?

Depending on your anatomy and desired changes, your incisions will be made in inconspicuous locations: inside or behind the ear.




Aftercare and recovery 

It is very important that you follow all your surgeon and medical consultant’s instructions, and to realize that the amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among individuals.

Following the procedure, you will have dressing wrapped around your ears. soon after the procedure, we will likely replace it with a lighter dressing. 

Get a frequent amount of the rest the following day of your procedure.

Move around occasionally to keep the blood flowing

Keep your head elevated and do not sleep on the operated ear.

Approximately one week after your procedure, you will return to the doctor’s office. Your surgeon may remove stitches at this time, though absorbable stitches are often used, which do not require removal.

Though recovery is unique for every patient, In two weeks, your final results will be visible.


is the result permanent?

Results from otoplasty are permanent.


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